Benefits of Facebook for Business

What are the facebook benefits for business and how exactly can they help you?

Facebook is a social networking phenomenon with over 900 million users worldwide according to the Economist. Since its creation in 2004 it has experienced massive growth making it one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

This growth has been accompanied by a definite shift in users and as a result, it is no longer viewed as just another socialising site for teenagers and young adults who’re interested in music. Facebook has become a global marketing and communication tool transcending age barriers that your company should be using.

With a potential business audience in the millions, Facebook can certainly add value to your business, but what exactly should your company be looking to use Facebook?

Benefit of Facebook for Viral Marketing

The average Facebook user has hundreds of friends, so if you were to start up a company page inviting a small percentage of each employees listed suppliers or clients, the number of users would increase significantly, leaving you with a large database of opportunities. With such an easy channel for growth, creating viral marketing campaigns becomes very easy or you to do i.e. event notifications, new product etc

Benefit of Facebook for a Targeted Audience

Facebook groups are areas where a small group of people can communicate about shared interests i.e. CRM tools, BMW M3s etc. You could create a group dedicated to your industry. Membership of groups is entirely permission based and those who decide to join will regularly be interested in your company, making it easier to interact with a niche market directly related to your business. This could lead to a high ROI, as the only real cost to managing a Facebook campaign is your time.

Benefit of Facebook to Network and brand build

Once you have established a large group of members you can you use Facebook as a communication tool to notify users of your businesses relevant activities i.e. product launches, software updates etc. It’s a very quick and effective technique if used strategically and with respect for the recipient i.e. not announcing every small thing ever day, or not cross selling with other companies

Benefit of Facebook for obtaining feedback

It is a highly efficient communication tool providing customers with an instantaneous mechanism for asking questions and providing quick feedback from your company. This can only help your company in improving its understanding of consumer behaviour through a two way communication.

Benefit of Facebook for Integration with other sites

By integrating with other online sites such a Digg, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube you will help expand your business to a much larger audience than you would be able to through traditional marketing channels, helping grow your brand both internationally and locally.

Benefit of Facebook for an International reach

A great benefit of Facebook is that there are no geographic barriers for you. You can communicate immediately with users thousands of miles away at no extra cost to your business. Posting messages through your company Facebook page will save you from having to cold call new business contacts.

Benefit of Facebook to Drive Website Traffic

Facebook as with most social network sites like Twitter and LinkedIn is a great channel to deliver traffic to your website. How you use it is completely dependent on your business and what it offers offering – if you have a press department or marketing/advertising employee then every time you have a new article you can post a link to your site. If you have an event or product launch coming up, you can write some text on the profile page saying read more about it on our website. Search engines like Google & yahoo love relevant inbound links, so as well of driving traffic you could also help boost the ranking of your website.

Benefit of Facebook for Advertising

Facebook also allows for relatively cheap targeted advertising, through both pay per impression and pay per click models (similar to Google Adwords). The Facebook systems allows you to target according to age, gender, language, relationship status, education, business or even birthdays allowing for a greater return on investment as your message is more directed


Over 900 million users now use Facebook, and with the biggest growth coming in the group 35 and older, Facebook offers every company a great opportunity to expand!

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