Congratulations on finally discovering the website design company that will help your business to grow. You have searched through all those other sites desperately trying to find a website design company that you feel can help you - now you've found the company you've been looking for.

Before proceeding it's very important that we provide you with the relevant information that you require. From our years of experience we know that there are three types of people needing our help. Simply select the relevant link from below and we promise to provide you with all the answers to those many questions you have.

New Companies
How to generate fantastic leads and sales from an affordable website.
Established Companies
How to increase sales through development of a fantastic website.
Web site's not working
How to get your website finally working and generating sales for you.

SeyeneCo Web Design helps small and medium size companies in Glasgow and central Scotland to market their products and services on the Internet. Whether you're taking your first steps onto the Internet or need your current website to generate more business SeyeneCo can help you.

According to the latest survey by Scottish Enterprise 55% of companies in Scotland don't currently have a website. Within Glasgow this figure is 53% and in Lanarkshire it's 69%. If you're in this bracket and are still unsure about developing a website then read more about the opportunities available to:

Some of the website design services we provide are listed below.

Website design

Developing an online presence for your company is not as frightening as it may appear. SeyeneCo can design, develop and have your web site up and running within a few weeks of the initial meeting. [read more about web site design read more about web site design]

Web site redesign

Website's can quickly become outdated in style but more importantly in content. SeyeneCo recognises this and can aid in the redesign to the look of the website, as well as modification to the actual content of the site. [read more about web site redesign read more about web site redesign]

Search engine optimization

Search engines have replaced the traditional Yellow Pages for identifying companies and services of interest. As such web site's must be designed to appear within the first few pages of results for a search engine query. [read more about search engine optimisation read more search engine optimisation]

Web design reference material for businesses

Our reference material provides you with information for to help you get the most out of your website.

The 10 simple steps to web site success

Whether you're a small or large company with a desire to make money or make a difference, these 10 simple steps will lead you to web site success:

Far too many organizations develop web sites without thinking about why. Consider these questions before doing anything else [read more about The 10 simple steps to Web site Success read more about 10 simple steps to Web site Success]

The reasons why websites fail

There are many reasons why websites fail:

  • They might not be generating any sales
  • Failing to attract the target audience
  • The website was never properly launched in the first place.

This article lists some of the mistakes to watch out for when developing a website. [read more about the reasons why websites fail read more about reasons why websites fail]

The benefits and advantages of a website

The business benefit and advantages for your company having a website can be summarized in the following areas:

This article describes the business benefits that a website will bring your company. [read more about the benefits of a website read more about benefits of a website]

For web design in Glasgow, Scotland & Lanarkshire, contact SeyeneCo Web Design.

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