Online recruitment – benefits of a web site

The Internet is the ideal place to recruit staff for your company,
and not just the technical positions, but for all vacancies within your

Unlike advertising in a paper you can change the information about
the vacancy at anytime you want and not have to wait for the next print

Furthermore, you can provide significantly more information about the
requirements online than would be feasible in a paper.

You could also accept
resumes from potential employee’s via your website!

A recent study by iLogos Research
has found that by 2003 94% of Global 500 companies now recruit via
their website
– this figure compares with 29% for 1998 when the
survey was first undertaken.

A survey by showed that 97 percent of the respondents preferred to receive candidate
resumes electronically rather than through regular mail.

When asked to choose
the best attributes of online recruitment, respondents

  • ease of use (72 percent)
  • broad reach (68 percent)
  • speed of posting
    (64 percent)
  • 24-hour access (63 percent)
  • and cost-efficiency (51 percent).

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