Property Conversions Scotland Ltd for Loft & Garage Conversions in Scotland

Property Conversions in Scotland
Objective of Website:

Design a web site to advertise the services offered by Property Conversions Ltd of Kilsyth. Property Conversions Ltd provides garage and loft conversions throughout central Scotland and Lancaster.

A cheap way to increase the value of you property and increase your amount of living space is to convert your garage or loft. With house prices sky rocketing and families getting bigger all the time it’s sometimes simply easier to stay put and better utilize what you already have.

So you’ve decided that you’re not moving anywhere – Great! Now the next step is to:

  1. Contact the local councils planning department
  2. Source a qualified architect
  3. Find a structural engineer
  4. Identify a builder who’s not wearing a cowboy hat
  5. Line-up an electrician and potentially a plumber who’ll finish what they start
  6. Schedule time off work to look after all this
  7. etc

After thinking about all that maybe this is going to require more effort that you orginally thought?

You could continue to hunt on the Internet for:

  • Builders
  • Joiners
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Architects

whilst getting side-tracked by other websites you accidentally stumble across. You could even dig-out that copy of the Yellow pages if it hadn’t dissapeared somewhere and try to find people that could help you.

Property Conversions Ltd does all that for you. They have a relationship with your councils planning department through the other coversions they’ve done. They know trusted architects that can design the perfect conversion for your needs. Lastly as they’ve been in the trade for nearly 14 years we know which builders, joiners, plumbers and electricians to use.

They can handle the entire project for you, and be your single point of contact.

If you’re based in central Scotland and at your witts end trying to avoid the cowboys then contact them for a quick chat.

Property Conversions in Scotland Property Conversions in Scotland