New Business Website

When starting a new business you’ll have enough worries without wondering
how to develop a website. The section below answers some of the typical
questions that you’ll have.

How much does it cost to develop a new website?

Buying the URL (web address) and the hosting (disk space for your files)
costs about £30 per year. Each page on your website will cost from
£70 and above to develop. If you’re selling online then you’ll have
to join a payment service provider, who will process the credit and debit
card information. Joining fees are about £100, with a similar annual
fee. For more information on this see our FAQ.

How long does it take to develop a website?

From 3 weeks and upwards. For more information on this see our FAQ.

What questions should we ask our prospective website designers

Can I see your portfolio of previous clients?
What does SEO stand for ?
Will you design every part of my website, or will you just use a standard
template ?
Will we meet face to face when developing the site, or will i only hear
from you via email ?

If you’re starting a company in Lanarkshire or central
then contact SeyeneCo to help
you develop your website.