Problems of going online

Getting your business online

A web site for your company can meet several
, with the process of going online posing five main problems:

Your objectives

There are three types of web sites:

  • Those that make money
  • Those that save money
  • Hobby sites.

Identifying which category your web site will be in should be the first
step towards going online.

The cost of setting-up your
web site

The cost of developing your web site consists of three major components:

  • 1) Web hosting & URL costs – This is the cost for purchasing
    your web site address and associated space for files. [Read more about
    web hosting for businesses]
  • 2) Cost for a web site developer to create your site – This
    is usually on a per page basis and varies depending upon the complexity
    of the site.
  • 3) Maintenance costs – Unless you become familiar with the
    art of web site design you’ll need to obtain the services of a web site
    designer to modify your site as required. This is usually charged at an
    hourly rate.

The time involved

The time involved for the development of your web site is primarily dependant
upon the size of the site. The process begins with specifying the requirements
for you web site, followed by the development of the prototype, which is
then reviewed and modified.

Attracting and retaining quality
visitors to your site

Attracting visitors to your web site is achieved through advertising it
on your business cards, letterheads and marketing material etc. However,
optimizing your site for Search Engines should also be undertaken, as this
will attract customers who you might never have reached before. Quality
visitors can be attracted back to your web site by adding them to a mailing
list and then informing them of special offers on your products and services.

Handling enquiries and fulfilling

Before launching your web site there must be processes in place to manage
the resultant online enquiries and orders that will be placed by customers.