Reasons why websites fail

There are many reasons why websites fail: They might not be generating
any sales; simply be failing to attract the target audience; or, the website
was never properly launched in the first place.

The following list presents some of the mistakes to watch out for when
developing a website.

1. Sabotage

Unless everyone who’s involved in the development of the website is fully
committed to the project then problems can arise. Office politics, a lack
of support from key personnel, or a lack of directions from the top can
all cause problems with the website development.

2. Failure to identify the target

Every successful website targets a specific audience with specific needs.
Unless you identify who will visit your website and what their needs are
your website will never get off the ground. Before starting a new business
you perform market research to identify your potential customers and their
wants – it’s the same for a website.

3. Underestimating the competition

As with any new business you have to identify your competitors and watch
for changes in the sector. Website should constantly evolve to incorporate
new ideas that will keep them in the forefront of their market.

4. Leader

When developing a website it’s important that the leader of the project
is clearly identified. When there is no clear leader, it’s hard to set direction,
stay focused on the job, or make key decisions.

5. No clear focus

Like any project, developing a website can suffer from “feature creep”.
A clear project plan and specification for the website must be established
at the beginning of the development process. It’s better to develop a small
website and grow it then try to launch a website with every feature under
the sun.

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