Web site Success in 10 simple steps

Whether you’re a small or large company with a desire to make money or
make a difference, these 10 simple steps will lead you to web site success:

1.Why have a web site?

Far too many organizations develop web sites without thinking about why.
Consider these questions before doing anything else:

  • How will your web site help your business?
  • How will it help its visitors?

2.Develop a web site for the
user: not for you!

Your web site is for your users, not you: This is the most important point
to remember before progressing any further. The visitors have arrived at
your web site with a purpose in mind, and your job is to assist them in
achieving it. So focus on what they need, and not what you want to tell

3.Fill a niche

You can build a web site, but will anyone visit it? If you want to attract
visitors and potential customers, you must first fill a need. The more targeted
the need and the more powerful your solution(s), the more people will visit
your web site.

4.Create a plan

It’s a simple idea that most people seem to ignore: Always make a plan
and write it down before starting work on a web site. This will help you
think through decisions, actions and estimate costs. It also ensures that
team members agree on what, exactly, they’re building – this is exceptionally

5.Work with others

Every successful web site is a collaborative effort that requires people
from different disciplines to work together. These people will think differently,
work differently, and communicate in very different languages. They will
need some help from you to reach the end of the project together.

6.Ensure your web site is easy
to use

The easier your web site is to use, the more people will use it. If you
want to grow your web sites traffic, then make your web site simple and
straightforward to interact with: Make navigation obvious, choose clear
names, and follow the design conventions users have come to expect on the
World Wide Web.

7.Start small

Create a small web site and add to it over time. New additions to the web
site can be released in phases and cover concepts identified at the beginning
of the project or developed through monitoring how the web site is used
by its visitors.

8.Monitor your web site traffic

Reviewing how people find your web site, the pages they visit within it,
and how long they spend on it will show you what’s working and what isn’t.

9.Keep in touch with your visitors

Start an email newsletter that people can subscribe to via your web site.
The newsletter must contain something useful for those who subscribe
to it and not just attempt to push your products and services.

10.Update frequently

The worst thing you can do after spending all that time, effort and money
on building the web site is to let it become quickly outdated. Successful
web sites are frequently updated with new content that will encourage their
visitors to return often.

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