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you’ve already taken the first step by looking for a company to help you. The second step is to read the information below and start the process of fixing your site.

So why’s your site failing to do anything for you?

A great website should:

  • Look good
  • Appear on the first page or two of the major search engines
  • Convince people to contact you or buy your products

If your website doesn’t achieve these then you’ve certainly got problems.

Ensure your site looks good

There are basic rules for the look of your website:

  • The logo should be in the same position on every page
  • The logo should be at the top left or top right of each page
  • The location of the navigation menu should be in the same position on
    every page
  • The navigation menu should be at the left or top of every page
  • The colours in the website should match those used by the company

Check your website against these rules. If your website doesn’t satisfy
one then you’re annoying the visitor before convincing them that you’re
the company to solve their need.

Is your website appearing in the search engines?

Up to 75% of the visitors to your website should be coming from search
i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. This means that when people search
for the products and services that you offer they should be finding your
website. A properly optimised website will appear in the first few pages
of the websites that Google, Yahoo & MSN return to the user.

Some of the reasons your website might not be appearing in the search engines

  • Using a splash screen before the homepage
  • A purely Flash based website
  • A heavy use of graphics in the website
  • A lack of actual text in the website

Check your website for any of these problems.

Oh, and remember that the only people that search for your company name are your current clients. People should be getting to your website from Google, yahoo etc after searching for your products and services! Your website is there to attract new customers who don’t know your company exists yet, so they’ll not be searching for your company name.

Convince people to actually contact you

Whether you’re selling a product or a service your website has to actually convince people to take the relevant action i.e. contact you, buy the product etc. Writing for the web is significantly different from writing your normal business reports or documentation.

When writing for the web you should:

  • Use shorter sentences
  • Structure smaller paragraphs
  • Use bullet point lists
  • List the benefits or reasons to buy the product or use your service at the top of the page
  • ALWAYS include an action at the bottom of the page

The worst thing you can do is simply copy and paste your usual sales literature into your website.

Enhance your website

As you’re about to change your website
to improve its performance you should take the opportunity to talk
to your clients about what they’d like to see on it

You might find that some of your clients would like more news about your
company, or perhaps the facility to download forms etc. As with business, the
way to make your website a great success is to identify what your clients
actually need
and provide them with it.

Costing the development of your website

The cost of redeveloping your current website
depends upon several factors such as:

  • The current condition of your website
  • The number of page in the site
  • The amount of text and graphics in the site

As a ball park figure each page on your website will cost between
�75 and �150 to redevelop
. Obviously there are companies and individuals
who will charge much less and much more than this.

Choosing a website design company

The worst way to decide which web site
design company to choose is through looking for the cheapest quote. Obviously
you want to develop a great website without having to invest more than you
can afford, yet the expression “pay nuts, get monkeys”
should be foremost in your mind.

Some things to consider when deciding on a website design company

  • Have they created websites that you like the look of?
  • Do their clients actually appear in the search engines?
  • Will you meet with representatives of the company or is everything
    conducted via emails and phone calls

A great website should:

  1. Look fantastic
  2. Appear in a high position in the search engines
  3. Persuade people to actually contact or buy from you

Your previous website designer failed with one or more of these tasks,
so you’ll want to ensure the next designer knows what they are doing.

For an analogy a website is like a salesman. If the salesman looks good,
generates great leads and has a fantastic sales talk then your business
will thrive. If anyone of these three vital components isn’t effective then
you’ll get no extra business.

The look of the website is compared to the look of the salesman. The leads
the salesman generates is compared to the traffic generated via the search
engines. And lastly, the sales talk is matched to the web copy of the website.
For your website to be a success all three ingredients must be present.

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