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Whether you’re considering finally taking the jump online or just establishing how to go about the whole process you’ve certainly chosen a great place to start. Our website will provide you with a wealth of useful information that will save you money AND ensure you actually generate sales.

So how do you build a great website?

The successful path that you should travel
to develop a great website is:

  • Determine the objectives of your website
  • Consider who the website is targeted at
  • Think about the information you want to provide
  • Consider the look and feel of your website
  • Get a great website address and hosting

It’s really that simple!

Objectives of your website

I know this seems like a strange place
to start a website design process because everyone just wants to make money! Granted there are lots of websites out there whos sole purpose it to make
money for their owners, yet there are other reasons for having a website.
Some websites show people how to save money, and others purely exist as
hobby sites.

Your objectives might be:

  • Provide information
  • Sell products
  • Solicit new names
  • Solve problems
  • Encourage requests for catalogues
  • Show what’s in stock
  • Improve communications

So give some consideration to why you’re going online.

Audience for your website

As with any new business you need to start
by identifying your target audience
and their needs and wants –
then supply it to them. If you can begin with that simple step then you’re
truly on your way to website success. The way to make your business
never mind your website the launch pad to better things is to identify a
niche and conquer it

Information on your website

You could easily just look-up your competitors websites and see what types of information they are supplying; or you could spend some extra time and actually list the information your potential website visitors require. A successful website provides great content to those who visit it!

Look and feel of your website

This is probably where you thought designing
a website starts. The look of your website should match the look
of your current advertising
and marketing material. This probably
seems obvious, yet the number of companies we’ve come across who simply
don’t understand this basic principle would amaze you.

Imagine meeting someone at a networking lunch, getting their business card,
and then viewing their website later. If the website doesn’t share the same
styles as the business card i.e. logo, colours, fonts etc then this would
only confuse you.

If you don’t have any business cards, marketing material or even a logo
yet then don’t worry, this just means that you have more opportunities!

Getting a great web site address and hosting

The main website address for your company
should probably be your company name .co.uk. You could
of course choose a .com address, but I think the .co.uk shows people where
your focus is. If you’re targeting the international marketplace then a
.com could be more suitable. It’s only an extra £10 to buy another url,
so this shouldn’t break the bank.

Web hosting companies can provide you with a web address, Email address and 50Mb of space for
your website for £20 per year.

And what about the cost of all this?

The development cost depends upon
several factors
such as:

  • The number of page in the site
  • The amount of text and graphics in the site
  • Whether you supply graphics and text or whether the designer has to
    do this

As a ball park figure each page on your website will cost between
£75 and £150
to develop. Obviously there are companies and individuals
who will charge much less and much more than this.

But wait a minute…..

The worst way to decide which web site
design company to choose is through looking for the cheapest quote. Obviously
you want to develop a great website without having to invest more than you
can afford, yet the expression “pay nuts, get monkeys” should be foremost in your mind.

Some things to consider when deciding on a website design company are:

  • Have they created websites that you like the look of?
  • Do their clients actually appear in the search engines?
  • Will you meet with representatives of the company or is everything conducted
    via emails and phone calls?

A great website should:

  1. Look fantastic
  2. Appear in a high position in the search engines
  3. Persuade people to actually contact or buy from you

You probably knew that a website should look great, but did you realize
that the majority of people who should find your site will do so via search
engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL?

Put simply, this means that when somebody types a product or service that
you provide you ideally want to appear on the first few pages of
the results
. If you don’t appear in the search engines then you
won’t be generating any new business. The process of getting a website to
appear in the search engines is referred to as search engine optimisation.

Once the visitor has landed on your site you have to convince them that
you can provide the product or service that they’re after. This is known
as writing copy for the web.

When choosing a website design company ensure that they:

  1. Develop great looking websites
  2. Can optimise a website for search engines
  3. Convince people to contact or purchase from the site owners

You can get the cheapest company to generate a website for you that results
in no sales, or you can spent a little bit more and actually make money

For an analogy a website is like a salesman. If the salesman looks good,
generates great leads and has a fantastic sales talk then your business
will thrive. If anyone of these three vital components isn’t effective then
you’ll get no extra business.

The look of the website is compared to the look of the salesman. The leads
the salesman generates is compared to the traffic generated via the search
engines. And lastly, the sales talk is matched to the web copy of the website.
For your website to be a success all three ingredients must be present.


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