Business Objectives and Goals of a Website

A web site for your company can meet the following objectives or goals:

Provide information

Traditionally information about your company and its products and services would be posted to interested parties. Various types of information i.e. brochures, financial details, personnel etc, would be posted to the relevant
parties. This process results in an extra cost to your company every time this information is requested. The Internet provides the ability to distribute this same company information instantaneously and it can be easily kept
up to date.

Sell produce

By developing an e-commerce site your businesses can sell goods or services globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. [read more]

Solicit new names

The company website can be used to gather email addresses of potential customers through providing a company newsletter or special offers promotion. The UK government has introduced new legislation covering what you can and can’t do with personal email addresses – for more information on this please read this.

Solve problems

Providing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your web site can
allow quick and easy answers for your customers without them having to contact
you via email or the phone.

Encourage requests for catalogues

Allowing visitors to your web site to download catalogues will save on posting the equivalent paper documents. Ensuring that relevant personal information i.e. name, email address, phone number, etc. must be provided
before downloading the catalogues will add to your collection of new names to email – provided that they have given permission.

Show what’s in stock

By connecting your company web site to the stock control database will allow customers to view whether the products of interest are currently available. If you’re currently out of stock then the web site can easily display when
the product will be available again.

Improved communications with existing customers

Providing the facility for your customers to Login to their account via your web site to access relevant information i.e. current orders, invoices, etc. will also reduce business costs.

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